The Lapele Móveis, with its headquarters in Canela RS, is known all over the country for its unique furniture. Sophistication associated to beauty and quality have built the concept of sustainable goods. The company has been the market since 1975 and throughout its history has taken an important role in the formation of the furniture reputation of the region. Using very specific methods of production detailing the wood source, enhancing environmental awareness up to tha finishing wich is done by respected professionals of the area. In 2000 the company has further enhanced the environmental identity through the reforested wood and MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard). Certified by environmental seals keeping reforested areas. All furniture produced by Lapele is refinement and functionality, featuring a product wich put together the customer taste and the market demand. Over time, the company has improved by the production of last generation equipment, which in found in world fairs and established the factory, which since its creation is located in the same place. Lapele Móveis has recently launched a new line which puts togethes practicality and modernity of serial furniture and the quality Lapele. After a lot of search, which were the basis for the new line the company, the deployment with bold and special projects where the piece of furniture is the trend in adjusted series, but it doesn't lose the tradition and the identity of mobile Lapele furniture. The merger between the functional and refinement has given a result that the company is proud to present in each new project. The success of the launch can be seen in every customer who chooses an innovative product. There are already offered planned kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and office furniture in line. Today, the company has several lines of furniture in both traditional line and special tailored innovative planned line. Lapele furniture is sold in many stores all over the Brazil it also exported from other countries.